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Best baby bibs in Thailand

Got a messy eater on your hands? At Goxip, you’ll find the top designer bibs to get you through snacks and lunchtime looking adorable.

If you know your baby can rock a cool bandanna bib, grab a trendy set. There’s a variety of cute prints to choose from - friendly hedgehogs, adorable unicorns, a playful jungle bib or a colorful pattern. With Goxip’s pieces, you’ll be buying part bib, part fashion accessory. If you want an extra level of practicality, get a bib with a crumble catching pocket! If your messy eater is no-kidding messy, call in reinforcements with a full-coverage, long-sleeved bib.

Shop designer baby bibs online at Goxip

With the right choice of bib feeding your baby on the go becomes no trouble at all. Get one of Goxip’s practical and stylish solutions - and make sure you get one with an adjustable neck strap - and you’ll be set to go.
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