Neom Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends Collection Box Of Four

THB 2,953
We all need a little help with de-stressing sometimes. As if by magic, NEOM has an easy answer, and it comes in the form of its essential oils collection (the brand's four iconic, 100% natural wellbeing blends). Better sleep, less stress, more energy and a lifted mood are all possible, (yes, please) with ingredients including lavender, jasmine and neroli, among many others. Take your pick and add a few drops to your Wellbeing Pod, or try them in a hot bath to really up the relaxation.| NEOM essential oils collectionApplication: Add up to 10 drops of your chosen Essential Oil Blend to your Wellbeing Pod. Alternatively, add 5 drops to a warm bath, or 1 to 2 drops to your chosen base oil for a relaxing massage.Scents: boost your energy, sleep, de-stress and make you happyBox of four4 x 10ml