The key word in beauty: "MONOCHROME MAKEUP"

The'monochrome approach' has long been known as the simplest way to achieve a stylish look.

The art of mastering different shades of makeup is generally difficult. Kylie Jenner, for example, wore bright green and bright pink eyeshadow with orange lipstick, which is eye-catching, but dated. And girls with prominent facial features have always looked better with such a look than Asian girls. But no worries, here are several monochrome colours that work well for us!

Earth Tone

Earth Tone has always been suitable for Asian girls' skin color. With the perfect interpretation from European and American girls, earth tones eyeshadow and "earthy" lipstick create atural sense for style and beauty..


Japanese and Korean girls love pink tones. Cute light pink eyeshadow paired with the same blush color, and sparkling pink lip gloss — they are essential create this year's Barbiecore look.


Compared to the sweet pink, the rosy hue is a little more elegant. From fall until spring, you can wear a combination of pink and earthy eyeshadow along with a similar-colored lip color.


Choosing the wrong orange for Asian girls' skin is a mistake that will make them look very old and out of style. For a youthful, spirited look, match a matte coral orange lipstick with an earthy lipstick and eye shadow.


A monochrome approach is an effective way to work with the metallic color. Use eye shadow and lipstick that have a strong effect, with a light blush to add a touch of style. Pinterest, instagram @makeupbymario,

Pinterest, instagram @makeupbymario, instagram @ponysmakeup