29 Sep 2021

The 8 Must Have Niche Designer Handbags For Fashionable Working Women As Loved By Celebrities And All Available For Less Than 10,000HKD!

The 8 Must Have Niche Designer Handbags For Fashionable Working Women As Loved By Celebrities And All Available For Less Than 10,000HKD!  | Goxip

Most brand-name handbags cost more than 10,000 yuan so you’d be lucky to find them for anything less. But don’t let that scare you off. Our Goxip Editor reveals the 8 most recommended brand-name handbags, all costing 10,000 yuan or less. The styles are fashionable and super popular among trendy people. So here you have it, 8 styles perfect for when you start a new job!


Here is the popular BY FAR underarm handbag, with an ultra-short shoulder strap and a lightweight and simple design, extremely popular amongst celebrities! BY FAR from Bulgaria has become popular in the fashion circle over the past two years. Many KOLs like Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid have posted their BY FAR underarm bags on Instagram. The design of handbags are simple yet retro, with unforgettable detailing.

See by Chloe

Chloé is a favorite of many girls, but buying a brand-name handbag is one month's salary for a lot of individuals, so Chloé's secondary line brand See by Chloé is a fantastic and more affordable choice. The designs and textures of the styles are comparable to Chloe's other handbags, so you won’t be missing out on that!


For those fashionistas who love sporting small and simple handbags, Celine handbags are the one for you. Whilst usually expensive in nature, you can turn to French brand A.P.C for pieces comparable to that of Celine. This high quality brand from Paris has a simplistic style and focuses on the small details. It can be purchased at a price ranging from 3,000 to 4,000. The brand is even super popular amongst the locals in France!


Balenciaga's motorcycle bags in the past were so popular that almost every girl had one! In recent years, the brand’s handbags have changed in style from the past and played with more creative and unique styles. The most popular model is the Hourglass bag, based on a half-moon-shaped hourglass design with Balenciaga’s iconic B logo. It projects a mix of elegance and street style in one. The upper body is superbly unique, and has made the model into the IT bag we know over the past two years!


Lastframe, a cutting-edge Japanese accessories brand established in 2018 is one to watch. Designer Takanohiro Okude may not be the most famous, but his ingenious design style have made his pieces gradually enter the public eye in recent times. The designer hopes to use LastFrame to bring back the popularity of Vintage. Regardless of country, era, season, and gender, ‘vintage’ is the key word to describe his work in Lastframe.


JW Anderson founded by LOEWE designer Jonathan Anderson is one of the most wanted brands ever. Pieces utilise a combination of menswear and womenswear elements with unique design aesthetics. This creates bag styles that reflect modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity! It might not be your cup of tea if you’re a girly girl, but it’s a must have for stylish and neutral girls!


The mini bags you see everywhere on the streets and even on celebrity arms is yes you guessed it, by the popular JACQUEMUS. The brand launched a series of fashionable and classic cute bags that have been so favourable amongst the public. If you love hipster style, these mini’s are one to own!


For those who love retro and admire beaded styles must not miss the vintage style of the Vanina. It’s like the flat version of the Simone Rocha, and it's a perfect time to buy one!

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