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8 Jun 2021

The Top 10 Ranked Branded Name Wallets Of 2021 & Chanel Loses Its Top 3 Spot!

The Top 10 Ranked Branded Name Wallets Of 2021 & Chanel Loses Its Top 3 Spot! | Goxip
Recently, a famous second-hand brand website conducted a survey in order to rank the most valuable wallets across the course of 2021. Among them, the brand with the largest value retention rate increased by more than 30%. The highly sought after power brand Chanel was surprisingly out of the top 3 this year!

No.10: Bottega Veneta

New styles of New Bottega over recent years have become more and more fashionable, with fashionistas and celebrities chasing after each model. Bottega wallets are no different it seems and extremely practical. The value potential for the brand is continuously increasing.

No. 9: Hermès

Whilst Hermès still rightfully takes place in the list, it’s a shock to see that the ever popular brand only ranks 9th place for the 2021 most highly valued famous brand wallets. Perhaps Hermes handbags outperform the wallets, but either way the accessories both win the hearts of brand fans.

No. 8: Prada

As one of the first most popular luxury brands, loved, wanted and owned by fashion lovers, Prada has managed to land its designer wallets in the top 10 list. They are relatively inexpensive, offering styles that are timeless.

No. 7: Louis Vuitton

LV’s wallet in the brand’s classic Monogram pattern that every fashionista has itched for, takes 7th place. The wallet is a classic thanks to its innovation and durability.

No. 6: Fendi

Fendi's wallets have been a true success with the styles becoming more and more fashionable, stealing the hearts of every loyal brand buff.

No. 5: Chanel

Unexpectedly, brand powerhouse Chanel, only ranks fifth in terms of value preservation. But the classic diamond pattern still shows its beauty by being a top contender nevertheless.

No. 4: Gucci

Over recent years, Gucci has continued to launch cartoon-like multi-use pieces. With each new series launch, the brand ignites passionate conversations, so it is not surprising at all to see the brand maintain its high value.

No. 3: Celine

Celine has become increasingly courageous by launching inticing styles at reasonable prices! It’s no wonder the brand has secured a top spot at number three!

No. 2: Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent, known for its noble and elegant classic styles deservedly takes second place in the ranking list!

No. 1: Dior

In first place, the most valuable brand is the beloved Dior, with its wallet style mimicking a version of their handbag style, offering a mini and cute replica! This could be the key to Dior’s success, allowing the brand to truly honour its value preservation in its designs.
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